5 ways this STEAM toy will make your kid the next Mozart!

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5 ways this STEAM toy will make your kid the next Mozart!

19 Sep 19
7 min read
19 Sep 19
7 min read

amazon cta buttonThis is Plugo Tunes—a Music Starter kit for early learners. It makes music learning simple, engaging & fun for young ones between 4-10 years of age, teaching ‘em all about rhythms & musical notes, & ultimately, get them to play on a piano.

But what makes Plugo Tunes a valuable “kid-friendly piano learning tool?

1. Three steps to a pianist

  • Learn the ABC’s of music notes
  • Practice & learn to play songs along with falling colors
  • Make, record & share your own music

Now, you can learn this all in half the time with Plugo Tunes!

plugo tunes piano for kids

2. The Music Starter Kit

With step-by-step guidance, easy-to-follow chords & play-notes-by-color learning system, Plugo Tunes makes for a great music-learning toy for beginners. Ultimately, your little one can play like a pro on a regular piano!

Master 50+ songs and learn the basic 8 notes; designed for those looking to learn how to play the piano;  in a simple, fun way.

3. Shaping brains while jammin’

Prep your child’s brain for a great workout session with Plugo Tunes. (Psst…Did you know regular playing strengthens the neural connections & creates new ones?)

plugo tunes piano for ages 4 to 10

4. S.T.E.A.M made easy

It’s a given: Hand-eye coordination is learned well when kids jam on Plugo Tunes.

Did I forget to tell? Art & music education in early years help kids develop abstract thinking & creative strategy?

piano for kids ages 4 to 10

5. Moulding cognitive skills

Early music training shapes the young brains. With Tunes, kids get to build musical intelligence, while broadening their emotional depth of how they think & feel.amazon cta button

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