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How to teach music to kindergarten using Plugo Tunes

How Plugo’s newest toy addition—Plugo Tunes will make Piano learning fun and makes for an ideal music-educational toy for beginners!

What is your earliest memory of music? A song that brought you joy? A drum or a flute your parents got you from a carnival? A sense of wonder from noticing music emanate from an instrument for the first time? Many of us develop a penchant for music as we grow up. While some pieces stay with us as classics, our taste in music evolves with us.

Would it surprise you that our first tryst with music begins even before birth! Music thus becomes a child’s first social interaction. And that interaction grows with time and has numerous benefits for your young ones. A five-year study by the University of Southern California discovered significant differences in brain development between children who learned to play a musical instrument and those who didn’t. Another study proved better mathematical efficacy in children playing an instrument.

Apart from academic growth, the significance of music in the overall growth and development of a child is tremendous. Exposure to music stimulates social and emotional growth, intellectual prowess, language learning, and motor skills. Music brings peace, helps focus the mind, builds confidence and self-worth and adds much joy to life.

Growing up, we made mixtapes of different kinds of music that we loved for different moods. The kind that we played to express joy, the ones we played to reduce the stress of tests at school, the ones we played while solving mathematical equations, the ones we repeatedly listened to (just because!), and the ones we played when we are sad.

Is it any wonder then that you try to fill your children’s lives with music early on? Singing lullabies, playing classical music, teaching rhymes, buying music toys for kids and finding music lessons for kids.You try to fill their cups to cultivate a passion for music that shall sustain as they grow.

For every time a musical note hits different and you wondered, what must it feel like, to play the piano or a violin maybe, riff on a guitar and create your own tunes, you try to make music an essential part of your child’s life early on.

Playing an instrument takes patience and passion, which is a little challenging to achieve in early childhood. Even after providing all the learning opportunities with musical toys, lessons, or researched music activities for kindergarten kids, you will regularly encounter the question of how to teach music to preschoolers?

All these questions were enough to get us invested in exploring music toys for kids that use the power of play to ignite their passions and an answer to how to teach music to kindergarten.

And this is where, drumroll 🥁…
Plugo Tunes comes alive!

What is Plugo Tunes?

Plugo Tunes is a music starter kit for early learners. It makes music learning simple, engaging & fun for your young ones, as little as toddlers to as old as preteens! Pick up from 50+ rhymes and songs your child loves, and let’s start their journey of musical intelligence one delightful key at a time.

What makes it a valuable musical STEAM toy?

Our innovative waterfall technique makes Plugo Tunes one of the perfect musical instruments for 5 years old and above. Let us elaborate on what the waterfall technique is. Traditionally, waterfall models are used in project management, to make processes more efficient. In Plugo Tunes, we use the waterfall technique to enable an overall learning of one phase before moving on to the next one. This is done through the use of colors to play and practice basic notes, taking easy-to-follow music lessons to learn how to play chords, and finally, learning with the help of popular rhymes and songs.

The fun learning starts with recognizing the various musical notes, chords, and tunes with the help of our endearing characters, and transitions into kids playing the piano on their own and even creating their own melodies. Sounds like one of the most amazing music activities for kindergarten, doesn’t it!

That’s not all, though! At PlayShifu, we have already touched the lives of more than one million kids through our vision of enabling learning through play, so our designs are multifaceted in their advantages. Plugo Tunes, focusing on providing music lessons for kids, also provides multiple other benefits like hand-eye coordination, motor skills development, and memory development, to name a few.

Plugo Tunes role in how to teach music to kindergarten

The Perfect Music Starter Kit—With step-by-step guidance to musical notes and chords and perfect music lessons for kids with a play-notes-by-color learning system, Plugo Tunes makes for a great music-learning toy for beginners. Its tactile keyboard is an incredibly interactive teaching system that will have your little one transitioning to a regular piano!

Not just that, there are 50+ songs like Ba Ba Black Sheep, Ode to Joy by Beethoven, and more, to get your little musicians humming along. There are fun, animated characters making the whole learning process engaging. And to get your little music enthusiast creating their own tunes, three music pops add background music to their songs.

Shaping Brains and Sharpening Cognitive Skills

Early music training shapes young brains. With Plugo Tunes, kids get to build musical intelligence, as well as, improve retention skills. Music helps us relate to a range of emotions and express them. This leads to better social interactions and understanding. Learning to play a musical instrument broadens your child’s emotional perceptions, helping them better realize their thoughts and feelings.

And, let’s not forget, art & music education in the early years help kids develop abstract thinking & creative strategy. And Plugo Tunes is specifically designed to build the creative process in young kids. Not only does it build your child’s ability to play musical instruments, and understand harmony, but it also provides ample opportunities for them to create their own art and share their compositions. It’s not a surprise then that it answers many teachers’ worries about how to teach music to preschoolers. (Psst…Did you know regular playing strengthens the neural connections & creates new ones?)

Overall Growth and Development

We’ve already established the benefits of music in brain development. But, imagine a game that not only fires those neurons with regular playing but also strengthens STEAM-based learning with its interactive playing method, develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills with its tactile play, builds confidence and creative spirit, and teaches valuable skills like patience and perseverance! Well, what you are imagining is Plugo Tunes, essentially.

That’s right! Plugo Tunes is not just a great mental and physical workout (since it involves children to actively use their wrists) session for your child, it is by far one of the perfect musical instruments for 5 years old and above for their all-around development while they jam.

Ease of Learning

In early childhood, attention is fickle. It’s hard to hold your child’s attention for long, especially in the process of learning which requires constant repetition. But throw in an interactive, colorful and engaging gaming process, and in three simple steps, you have a pianist with Plugo Tunes!

The process of building musical intelligence is as simple as learning the ABCs of music notes, practicing to play songs along with falling colors on-screen with our waterfall teaching method, and building the skills to where your child will make, record & share their own music. This entire learning process with Plugo Tunes is filled with much laughter, jamming, crooning, and, of course, music. The simplest resource on how to teach music to kindergarten.

How to participate in the process

As parents, we like to be involved with the teaching process of our children. And when the process is as much fun and excitement as playing and learning via Plugo Tunes, we won’t mind jumping in! Hence, the next question that comes up is, as a parent, how to participate in this process of building musical skills for your child. Here are a few things you can do:

Introduce Music Early

Early introduction of music builds and holds the interest in youngsters, which later you can nurture into a passion for learning an instrument. So, sing to your babies, play music to them, and introduce music toys for kids like a xylophone, baby piano, mini drums, flutes, etc., in their playtime collection. Pump your home with the wholesomeness of music and let them feel it too!

Form a Band

Join in on the fun! Pull out pots and pans from the kitchen and form a band with your little one while they enjoy a session on Plugo Tunes. Get silly playing songs together sometimes. And sometimes, take the time to appreciate their progress and encourage them to create tunes for you guys to play together.

Hold a Home Concert

Every once in a while, take time to sit down as their audience and boost their confidence. Delight in their music and talk about how far they’ve come, how much they are picking up, and how good they sound. Music lessons for kids and a moral boost go hand in hand.

So there you have it. Our advice on how to teach music to kindergarten kids and build that fire to excel at it later in life. Music is a constant companion. The benefits of music are well-researched from infancy to teens to later years. So give Plugo Tunes a shot, and turn your child’s attention to the world of music through a simple, fun, and engaging way without leaving your home!

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