Homeschooling your kids? These award-winning STEM toys are made for you

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Homeschooling your kids? These award-winning STEM toys are made for you

17 Apr 19
7 min read
17 Apr 19
7 min read

When you think of homeschooling your children, what sounds like the most difficult part? Choosing a curriculum? Creating lesson plans? Recalling long-forgotten skills like multiplying mixed fractions or balancing chemical equations?

While you’re at that list, PlayShifu already devised solutions for you. Yes – not one, but two awesome solutions. Orboot and Plugo Count – STEM-based, Augmented Reality kits that are sure to amp up your teaching methods.


Geography, History, Biology – all served to you on a platter called Orboot

Orboot is an educational globe and also the name of our app. Using augmented reality, we make the icons on the globe come to life on your mobile or tablet screen. You can then tap and explore each of them in detail, with cool fun facts.

How will Orboot help me and my kids?

The Orboot app has over 1000+ cool facts and 400+ attractions across 6 categories which will keep your little one engrossed for hours together. With Orboot, say toodles to your little one’s wail and whine during learning time. Make way for laughter and bliss as they learn the fun way.

STEAM will no longer seem ‘too difficult’ when they learn about mind-boggling engineering feats and inventions in the app. Orboot is adopted as a teaching method by several schools worldwide, hence making it teacher-approved.

Discover the 3  variants of the Orboot globe – unravel the secrets of the world with Orboot Earth, dive into the prehistoric era of dinosaurs with Orboot Dinos, or jump straight to space with Orboot Mars.

kid excited about dinosaurs on iPad screen

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Learn Math through Storytelling with Plugo Count

Plugo Count is one of the five interchangeable kits of our STEM-based, Augmented Reality gaming series – PlayShifu Plugo. This kit is powered by Plugo app.

The app is filled with rock-solid, evil and challenging obstacles (math-based problems) that your little one has to overcome using the Plugo Count kit.

How will Plugo Count help me and my kids?

Plugo app has 4 games with 250+ levels. And each game is filled with fun characters and exciting adventures. Don’t be surprised if your little one wants to learn Math every day using Plugo Count.

Plugo is designed for ages 5 and above. So, it’ll keep all your little munchkins occupied, without you refereeing sibling wrestling matches.

Plugo Count – the fun way to learn math!

The gameplay of Plugo Count doesn’t call for parental assistance very often. So, while your little ones learn by themselves, you can get on to other tasks at hand.

The word problems of Plugo Count will excite kids into reading aloud, along with the narration, learn new words and improve their pronunciation.
Kids today want to be in control of their learning and there’s no better way than Orboot and Plugo.

Hurry and own these award-winning toys today!


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