Best homeschooling toys for your little ones

Looking for a homeschooling curriculum for your kids? We’re here to help you cover everything from STEM to life skills.

So, you are homeschooling your kids and are always worried about your homeschool curriculum, daily timetable, what’s currently interesting to your child, and how to use it best in your day-to-day home education practices. It’s imperative to you that their time at home should be an engaging learning experience. You need a find ways to make their education feel entertaining. For that, it helps to consider various tools, resources, and the best homeschooling toys out there!

That’s where we at PlayShifu have got your back! We strive to create homeschooling toys for you that make education entertaining. With a range of toys that power up playtime for kids with over 20 skills, our skill-building, and AR-based play kits will transform your child’s allotted screen time into the perfect form of home education.

So, let’s explore the fantastic range of not one, not two, but three engaging, STEAM-based play kits that make for perfect homeschooling toys to elevate your teaching methods while making it feel like child’s play, literally!

Geography, history, biology, and astronomy – explore it all on a globe called Orboot

The first on our list of AR-based, award-winning toys are the Orboot globes. Orboot, our first brainchild, is a toy that merges the physical prowess of a fascination-inducing globe with technology that brings the universe alive on your mobile or tablet screens. One of our bestseller ranges, Orboot is an AR-powered twist on the good ol’ globe.

With three unique globes, Orboot provides a magical experience that is, in fact, adopted as a teaching method by 5000 schools worldwide, hence making it teacher-approved as well and a perfect tool for your homeschool curriculum.

With Orboot Earth, your little ones learn more than 1000+ facts about this wonderful planet as they explore cultures, history, wildlife, monuments, and so much more. Learn about the pygmies of Africa or the Chinese New Year. Learn about the Amazon rainforests or about where you can find the Toucan. The learning is endless and is constantly being updated! Doesn’t that sound like one of the most delightful homeschool toys for preschoolers?

Orboot Dinos suits the curious little explorers who are fascinated with dinosaurs. Let them revel in a time-travel wonder that brings more than 50 dinosaurs alive in 3D. After all, the brain benefits of your child’s fascination with dinosaurs are many.

And finally, Orboot Mars is for your young space explorers to spark delight in the world of Space, of science, and of technology that allows them to explore a whole planet sitting light-years away. Just imagine, one light-year is about six trillion miles away!

Full STEAM Ahead – the Seven Kit Wonder World of Plugo

Next up, it’s our bestseller, Plugo! Plugo, with its interactive gaming system, is tailor-made to enhance the learning of your child basis their grade. With seven game sets to hone a range of skills in our young ones, Plugo is simply calling to be permanently plugged into your collection of homeschooling toys.

There is nothing that this STEAM-based line of game sets leaves behind from the curriculum:

  • Plugo Letters teaches spelling, grammar and vocabulary through endearing characters and story-based games.
  • Plugo Count is a hands-on math kit with exciting puzzles and games that grow with your child.
  • Plugo Tunes introduces kids to the world of music and teaches them the basics of music in the most fun and interactive way.
  • Plugo Animals takes your child on an adventurous jungle safari where they solve puzzles with their animal friends.
  • Plugo Detective is for the curious, young minds to discover clues and solve mysteries.
  • Plugo Farm, with its 100+ story-based challenges, teaches practical skills like planning, managing resources, and more.
  • Plugo Link boosts design thinking and engineering skills through magnetic blocks.

All the Plugo game sets are designed to engage a diverse age group of kids. There are stories and puzzles filled with fun characters and thrilling adventures to make learning seem like play. Plugo’s gameplay is designed such that it doesn’t call for parental assistance very often. So, while your little ones are perfectly engaged with their favorite homeschooling toys, you can get on with the other tasks or get that much-deserved me-time.

In addition to the skills Plugo helps build and its interactive design, one of its best features is that it grows with your child! You can upskill as and when your child is ready and upgrade to various sets according to their age. This makes it a particularly unique line of homeschool toys for preschoolers.

Tactful Tactile Learning – Transform Fun Family Time into Teaching Opportunities with Tacto

Tacto is one of our most powerful STEAM teaching tools designed to ramp up the power of play infinitum by bringing games alive on your device. This play and learn set of game sets combine hands-on play, lifelike figurines, and digital games to play and build skills. Here’s presenting Tacto!

With Tacto, we decided to use the humble family game nights to hone every essential skill you can imagine and develop a penchant for STEAM in gen alpha. To imagine that learning can be such a seamless process alongside play is every homeschooling parent’s dream come true, and that’s why it’s high up on the list of best homeschooling toys.

With six fantastic gaming sets to choose from, your child can constantly learn while playing on Tacto alone, with siblings, or with friends and family. All the games are interactive and tactile using real figurines to drive the game on-screen. This results in an engagement that is longer and beneficial in building concentration. So choose the set that suits your interest best and jump into the lively world of Tacto.

Let’s begin with Tacto Classics, the perfect start to a family night, lazy weekends, or peaceful weekday breaks! Tacto Classics comes with a fun twist on the original stalwarts in board games. The simple games of Checkers, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and more are modernized with interactive stories and playtime teaching new subjects as you enjoy the games.

Tacto Electronics converts your tablet into a shockproof laboratory for your little one to tinker and experiment in. Explore and play with real figurines in story-based games where they can build more than fifty gadgets while experimenting with batteries, LEDs, and wires..

Tacto Chess helps your child learn the ultimate brain game and master the moves in a fun-filled interactive way. Tacto Chess challenges your young ones into becoming better critical thinkers every time they play with its 100+ mini-puzzles. Once they’ve played in the practice mode, they advance to the next level and challenge friends, family, or AI in a match for bananas, candy, and glory!

Tacto Dino, with its vibrant story-based games, lets your kids explore the amazing world of dinosaurs while turning back time and discovering more than 100+ facts about the magnificent creatures. All this while building their problem-solving skills enjoying in the land of adventure.

Tacto Coding makes us proud of how relevant, easy, and fun-filled a game it is to inspire your child to learn to code. With 200+ challenges, it teaches your kids how to code by creating a delightful visual experience that inspires kids to apply critical thinking as they literally code their way through gameplay. Such a unique kit!

Tacto Laser is a favorite in homeschooling toys for kids to learn how to refract, reflect and split light while you blast slime and asteroids! Alongside, you pick up skills like logical reasoning and problem-solving as you search for clues and solve mysteries in a most enjoyable game format based on the principles of light. How cool is that?

So there you have it! Toys designed by parents and experts who understand the requirements of parenting and that of homeschooling. Toys that make your little ones look forward to learning time! Perfect homeschooling toys that will fill your homes with sounds of glee and laughter while it fills up the minds of your smart children with skills numerous using the power of play. Do let us know which one is your child’s favorite, in the comments below.

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