10 educational tools that will change your kid’s life!

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10 educational tools that will change your kid’s life!

6 Oct 18
7 min read
6 Oct 18
7 min read

It is important that we help our children step on the learning route early-on.

The seed of curiosity withers soon if it isn’t nurtured for long spells of time.

Although children are naturally gifted with the knack of inquisitiveness, it is essential to take steps that will expose them to diverse avenues of learning and knowledge. This will help kids to open their minds to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.


For the toddlers and kids a.k.a curious minds, here’s a list of 10 of our current favourite educational tools that you can put to use and accelerate your kid ’s knowledge-acquiring journey.


Web-based educational tools 


Khan AcademySubject-based learning

One of the best out of the lot, Khan Academy is a comprehensive online-learning website that offers teachings related to a diverse range of disciplines. From physics, math, finance to biology, history and more, short video clips accompany each subject alongside interactive exercises that help learners practice their new skills.



Offering math skills, inclusive of algebra and geometry, IXL is for kids from preschool to upper middle school that uses stunning imagery to make math visual and learning fun.

With feedback and reports provided about your child’s progress, IXL also offers feedback and analysis of your child’s progress. It also offers a competitive analysis of their performance compares to public school academic standards for your state.

To make use of IXL’s service, one needs a subscription (approx. $10 per month). Annual subscriptions are available too.



From short movies to interactive games, cultivate the habit of reading in your children by helping them understand phonics better with Starfall.

The interactive learning allows kids to play games, watch short videos on letters and sounds, and flip through “books” of stories while attaining life-changing knowledge at a few clicks of the keyboard.


National Geographic— Animal Study

If your child is inspired by Steve Irwin and is always on the watch to spot and pet animals first,  National Geographic Kids is the website for you and your little one!


Kids Astronomy—Astronomy

If your kid has celestial bodies on his study desk and likes watching the stars, more often than you’d like, it’s time you open your child’s mind to the vastness of the cosmos, pronto!

Along with fun activities, Kids Astronomy offers you all the elementary knowledge served with a dash of cuteness and data presented in a ‘kid-learning-friendly’ way.

App-Based Educational Tools 


Highlights Everyday

  • Subject: General Knowledge
  • Available on both iOS and Playstore

Your goal:  Find interesting new ways for your children to engage with the world.

In short, you want your child to learn how to effectively optimize their screen-time.

Means-to-achieve: Highlights Everyday app.

Your child gets to solve puzzles, read stories, watch videos and play interesting quizzes in an advertising-free environment.

In short, Highlights Everyday introduces your child to the adventure of exploring their own areas of interests and ignite it from inside.


DNA Play

  • Subject: DNA science
  • Available on both iOS and Playstore

If you’re looking to introduce your child to the subject of genetics, this app is the perfect place to enter the rabbit hole of learning genetic biology.

With the help of thoroughly entertaining, and deceivingly simple activities, children learn all about DNA and its importance, how it affects the way we live, look and what we do.

For example: kids learn how to build living organisms by completing and rearranging a series of simple DNA puzzles. (We are already impressed!)

Test out mutations, learn how creatures behave, create and explore new creatures and more in the fascinating world of DNA play.


  • Subject: Business Management
  • Available on iOS

If your child has the flair for business and entrepreneurship like Steve jobs or Brian Chesky, this app is everything to help your equip your kid with foundational business skills.

Real life learning is given a boost through Entreprenaws that helps people of all age groups to pave their own way into the future.


Through stimulation built on finance and math in context and problem-solving, metacognition and more. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, it isn’t. 


  • Available on both iOS and Playstore

With no particular subject in focus in general, ClassDojo is another interesting educational app among the plethora of learning apps…

…But with a difference!

This app allows teachers, students and parents to talk to each other and communicate their interpersonal needs concerning education, learning methodologies and more. Keeping parents up-to-date with their child’s progress, ClassDojo is a 3-way classroom enhancing, communication app designed to aid kids to learn and engage in classrooms better. Upload reports, click pictures, the gamified system also teaches developmental skills through real-time feedback.

ExplorArt Klee

  • Subject:  Art
  • Available on iOS

Let your child enter the magical world of Paul Klee’s art through this stunning mobile app.

The imagination and uncontaminated creativity of kids is bolstered to the next level. ExplorArt Klee will assist children to rekindle their intuitive comprehension of artistic content with the help of art pieces that become animated. Art-learning experience taken to new heights and how!


Any tool you found useful? Comment below and let us know.


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