5 reasons why you need to switch your old globe with this AR globe

Are you still teaching your kid with an old globe? Time to switch it with this AR-globe and here are 5 reasons why.

Technology is seeping through every aspect of our lives but, there’s one common staple found in (almost) every home and classroom, that’s yet to be reinvented.

The globe.

1. A globe with just maps? It’s 2019, mate

Orboot is an Augmented Reality globe that makes highlighted features come to life on a mobile or a tablet screen. Orboot comes loaded with interesting trivia, facts and other brilliant things that make it a wholesome educational toy for early learners between 4-10 years of age.

2. Screen-time transmuted into learning time

With Orboot, children wouldn’t even realize they are learning while playing. Built on the foundations of STEAM, Orboot introduces children to elementary knowledge about life sciences, engineering and more.

3. Trivia, games and more with Orboot

Scan, explore and learn about any region on the Orboot. All Orboot games and challenges are designed to reinforce what your child has learnt with the globe, making way for real-time evaluation. As a surprise, little globetrotters also get a travel kit containing passport, stamps, flags and stickers.

4. Cognitive and creative development

This award-winning globe propels creative thought, independent thinking, vocabulary and communication skills. These skills instill confidence and better cognitive abilities from a young age.

5. Ever-evolving globe

Orboot’s content is constantly being revised to make it more comprehensive, in-depth and detailed, adding better educational value to a child’s learning goals.

With 50,000 strong community members, (parents and educators from over 60 countries), Orboot enjoys widespread support and love from across the world.

Read what parents and educators have to say about Orboot.

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