5 reasons to own this award-winning educational toy

This smart globe is not just loved by kids but also parents and teachers alike! Try thinking of a single reason why you shouldn’t get Orboot!

“This smart globe has made my kid a curious traveler. While on a recent trip to DC, we saw an airplane overhead and my six-year-old excitedly told us they were invented by Wright Brothers!”

When Candice from New York reached out to us telling us how well little Ethan was doing in school, we knew that we are doing something right.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get one right away:

1.   It talks to your kid

Orboot is an interactive globe and can literally engage your kid for hours. It comes with an easy-to-use app which presents 3D highlights on your mobile or tablet.

2.  Fun, active learning

Orboot uses Augmented Reality to educate your kid about everything from cultures or monuments, geography or wildlife, to exploring the world.

3.  1000+ cool facts, 400+ highlights and more

Orboot is a treasure trove of information about our world. And all this information is presented to your kids in an active, fun, and engaging way.

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4. Choose your preferred language – French or English

Orboot app is available on iOS and Android and is full of in-app games to engage and educate the little ones. The app is also available in French, English, German, Polish, Spanish, and Japanese.

5.   Screen time is good

Orboot makes the world come to life on your mobile or tablet. Say yes to healthy screen time!

We’ve made the Orboot globe with no political boundaries, but beautiful icons to remember the regions by. An alternative and fun way to study the globe – not just by country names, capitals, and borders but also by its natural and cultural heritage.

What are you waiting for? Get your own Orboot – your kid’s new buddy!

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