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#VirtualSchoolActivity: Poke fun using a shopping bag

Are you ready to get your garden soakin’? Why don’t you try out #SummerFunWithShifu challenge: Stop the dam!

Forget boredom. Make this school closure fun with ‘Stop the dam’!

This challenge, Stop The Dam, can help you get a better idea about your kid’s creative problem-solving skills and critical thinking ability.

Plus, it is a whole lotta fun!

You need:

  • 1 plastic wrapper (An XL size, plastic shopping bag),
  • A backyard to play the challenge in!
  • A pair of scissors/ pointy instrument to poke holes with,
  • 2 straws per person,
  • 5-6 new, unsharpened pencils,
  • 5-10 cotton swabs,
  • A handful of stretchable rubber bands.

How many people can play?

  • 2 players= 2 teams. You and your kid can go one-on-one with one another!

How to play?

Step 1: Each player gets 2 shopping bags. Fill water in your bag until full. Tie a knot on top to secure the ends of the bag.

Step 2: Each player gets 5 seconds to poke holes in the opponent’s shopping bag full of water. The poking team will get to hit the shopping bag one time only.  No repetitive hits allowed.

Image Source: The STEM Laboratory

The goal for the opponents is to stop the water from gushing out of their shopping bag. You can use any number of tools to help you. You get 1 minute to stop the water from flowing out of the holes.

Step 3: The team who retained the most amount of water in their shopping bags wins!

Image Source: The STEM Laboratory

After completing this challenge, few things will be clear for you to judge:

  • How good your child is at problem-solving,
  • Whether your child’s critical thinking skills are aces or need to be upgraded,
  • Whether your child can come up with multiple ways to solve a problem or not,
  • Their creative thinking ability.

Are you ready to get your garden soakin’?

Tag us using handle @playshifu and let us know who won!

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