#SheWhoEmpowers – Celebrating IWD 2019 at PlayShifu

This International Women’s Day, we are shining light on a few unsung heroes. We want to inspire you with stories of these Superwomen!

Scientists and authors, activists and film-makers, singers and songwriters—popular female icons all over the world are being celebrated like never before. Thanks to large-scale movements to usher in equality and feminism, we are seeing popular female faces claiming what is due to them, on the world stage and making a difference on a grand scale.

But what about women like us?

Ordinary women striving to make ends meet while working long after the sun goes down?

Women like you and me, living ordinary lives laden with family responsibilities, money-making exercises and working towards achieving healthy work-life balance?

Women who are battling against a host of mental, emotional and physiological pressures to make the best of what they have and still rise and shine?

It is these women, who, in our opinion, are no less than any celebrity woman…

…Because each of us, are fighting to make our voices heard at large and that, is a reason for celebrating enough. It is You, dear woman, who needs to be told how great you are and this space is dedicated to you, who share similar stories…just like us.

This Women’s Day, we dedicate this space, #SheWhoEmpowers, to shine the light on a few unsung heroes. We want to inspire you with stories of these Superwomen who greet these challenges with a smile and take on the world, one day at a time.

We took the liberty to narrate the stories of such inspiring female figures, who thrived to survive and establish their professional careers while providing for their family and kids; all at the same time.

The roads they traveled weren’t always smooth, but that didn’t stop them from being where they want to be.

Join us as we applaud for them, in unison.

Brandiannblogger & content curator of Momma review

Like Brandiann, many women dream of paving a bright professional career for themselves, while being a good mother & wife. But only a few manage to run the race and emerge as winners while running this difficult course every day.
One such winner is Brandiann, an entrepreneur and content curator/owner of Momma Review, who ran the course on a unique path that merged her family and career together well.

When quizzed about what her struggles about achieving work-life balance are, she dropped a pearl of wisdom for struggling “WAHM’s” (a woman who works from home in addition to caring for her child or children). “My constant reminder is to remember that this struggle isn’t just a working-mom thing; it’s a human thing.”

“The biggest struggle as a ‘wahm’ is finding the perfect balance. I maximize my time strategically during nap time.”

Who’s trying this tip?

Heather, graphic designer & blogger at SuperMomLife 

For Heather Castillo, the elusive “work-life” balance is still missing. But for her, it is a small price for the responsibilities she holds today. “Work-life balance is probably one of the things I struggle with the most. I find myself working 16 hours a day and always have my phone or laptop in my hands”, said Heather.

But Castillo, a graphic designer & blogger from West Palm Beach, isn’t ready to sacrifice one thing in the face of her work-schedule—family time. “While I’m supporting my family, doing what I love, I also don’t want to miss out on my time with them.”

Naturally, the path she chose to follow, is riddled with challenges that test her limits every waking minute. But Heather is not the one who gives up easily. In fact, all the hurdles, as she reveals, is making her stronger than ever.

Way to go, Heather!

Angelicablogger & influencer at Toddlin’ Across America 

After struggling with infertility, treatments, surgeries, and losses, Angelica Kajiwara knew that her version of the ‘work-life’ balance equation must include her kids so that she could spend quality time with them.

“I knew my idea of work-life balance was going to be unique. I wanted to find a way to involve my kids in what I do so I could spend as much time as possible with them,” Angelica told PlayShifu.

Even though she admits to being messy, Angelica believes her life is a work of art—not to be understood but felt deeply. And there’s nothing she would want to change about it.

When asked about her biggest achievement in life, she said, “I’m so proud of my kids. who they are becoming, and I’m grateful I get to be a part of that.”

Angelica, you have our heart!

Kelseymakeup artist & influencer.

Question: How crazy can it get for a mom who has to look after her home, children and build a career as well?

Answer: F*****G crazy, will be an understatement, so to say!

Ask Kelsey, a MAC Makeup Artist & top influencer for Mixed Kids Hair, who is trying to ‘pause time’ while she struggles to check all the tasks off her “list.”

“I don’t necessarily believe that ‘if it’s important you’ll find a way to make time for it’ phrase because I have lots of important things I want to do, there just literally isn’t enough hours in the day,” Kelsey explained.

It’s a task for the work-from-home mother,  who doing all that she can, to calm the madness of her work and life.

“I squeeze in moments to write when I can but focus on soaking up these years while they’re little and at home with me. During nap times and when they’re busy with their siblings, I work on my Blog and multiple partnerships with family-friendly companies.”

Now, that sounds intense but Kelsey isn’t letting it get to her head!

Hear Hear!

Yessi Lim, blogger, coffee lover & influencer

Any personal loss can shatter your world in an instant…
…And to gather all the pieces together to rebuild your life, can be a painful, daunting and nerve-wrecking exercise, so to say.
And those who manage to do, fighting the pain everyday, are powerful and strong, and deserve to be called heroes too, is what we’d say.

Like Yessi, whose story is an inspiration for those struggling to make it work after suffering a personal tragedy. “Less than a year ago, we lost our older son Aiden and our life was flipped upside down. Not sure how we are still here without him with us. I had to stay strong for my daughter and baby on the way at that time,” Yessi told PlayShifu.

But the devastating event made her wise and understand the strength that she possessed inside.
“I got closer to God and I live day by day. I’m stronger than ever now and I can’t believe I’m still here. I would always take pictures of my kids because at the end of the day that’s all you have. I have a lot of faith and so much hope. I take it day by day,” said Yessi.

You are a hero in our eyes, Yessi.

Bex, content curator and owner of Allum’s Adventures

Like the wonder women, of today’s time and age, Bex is a wizard at handling her family and work without breaking a sweat…(Well, almost without breaking a sweat!)
“Being there for my children is extremely important, my work is flexible however when studying I must manage my time and sometimes the girls go to their grandparents for the day so I can crack on with my work,” she explained.
…But she isn’t complaining!
In fact, she is soaring towards fulfilling her slaying her goals every day!
“My most notable achievements was working hard to buy our first house at 20. I was very proud of this.”

Wish you all luck, Bex!

It has been an immense pleasure hosting all of you pretty ladies. 

We are glad to have met you all and hope to meet more women as we strive to scale success and reach the stars.
Each of these stories are a reminder, that you needn’t be worried if you aren’t a popular figure or a mainstream star…

…Because you are beautiful, talented, strong and brave...just the way you are!

Happy Women’s Day, folks!

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