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“Dear Moon, Will you hurry up already and give me my 25 hour day?!”

Hey beautiful, have you tried being your own cheerleader? Telling yourself every morning that indeed you are enough? We’re here to do that!

It’s International Women’s Day!

For some women, a usual day brings a “What? It’s morning already? But ‘I just got a shut eye after putting the kids to sleep‘ feeling.

For a few others it’s a voice in their head going, “9AM – office, 1PM – lunch with the in-laws, 6PM – drive from work, 8 PM – gym (maybe?).”

A few are at their ‘hand-eye coordination’ best, doing, “grocery – check, buy mom’s inhaler – check, write article on work-life balance – check, enroll in drama school – to do.”

Don’t you think it’s time to breathe, sweetheart? Let go a little, live a little more and celebrate a lot more.

Today at PlayShifu, we’re going to help you do just that.

Chapter 1: Let go a little: The ‘Mom-Guilt’

The most powerful and beautiful word in the dictionary, which is also the first word we utter as kids, is no longer a standalone word. Today, a ‘mother’ is either a working mom or a WAHM (work at home mom).

According to research, nearly 90% of working mothers are held at gunpoint by what’s called the ‘mom-guilt’ – a feeling of doubt, anxiousness or uncertainty experienced by working mothers when they worry they’re not spending enough time with their children. It’s one of those fights that can’t be won but overcome. So, do what you do best. Create!

Channelize this unmatched guilt into positive energy and utilize it to draw gratification and value at your place of work. Make this time worthwhile, because you know what you’ve left behind to ‘make it work at work’.

As for your little ones, all they need in the aura of your presence is undivided attention, care, and love – even if it’s for 10 minutes. They’re precious 10 minutes for them!

Chapter 2: Live a little more: Who’s Gonna Wait on the Timer of the Oven?

Men and women are looking beyond their ‘God-given’ roles and abilities to work together and manage everyday responsibilities. With women today being equally educated as their male counterparts, they are entitled to ambitions, goals, career and financial independence.

A full-time career or a work-at-home mom – it’s a choice that you have to live out. So, make that choice for yourself and don’t forget to have awesome cheerleaders all around you who support, liberate and respect your choices. It won’t be long before they realize that, in your space of bliss is where the magic lies 🙂

Chapter 3: Celebrate a lot more: You are enough

Yet another rollercoaster of a day and there you are, sinking your head further down into your mattress, thinking, “Am I doing enough?”

Women wait out their whole lives for someone to scoop them up and offer assurance. A few kind words, a warm embrace, a sweet gesture or simply a sign that travels deep down her soul.

Hey beautiful, have you tried being your own cheerleader?

Telling yourself every morning that indeed you are enough?

Be confident, and charismatic. Be brave, be strong and stand up. Don’t let anyone or anything extinguish your flame. Take charge and be an example for the people you meet.

And remember superwoman, today is not just another day, but a celebration of YOU – it’s International Women’s Day.

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