What is Orboot and why is everyone talking about it?

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What is Orboot and why is everyone talking about it?

20 Sep 17
7 min read
20 Sep 17
7 min read


Good question!

Orboot is a 10” globe. It shows you all the landmasses and oceans of the world. It is colourful and round and spins on its axis.

But so what? Every globe does that?


What makes Orboot special is that it makes the globe come alive. When combined with the Orboot app, it truly becomes out-of-the-world. We are sure your child wouldn’t have seen anything like this, and would definitely fall in love with it. And so would you!

Orboot combines the best of both worlds. It merges the physical object (the globe) with the virtual one (the app) through Augmented Reality. It makes the faraway places, the animals, monuments, natural wonders, come alive. It lets them interact with elephants and lions, and hear them roar. It teaches them about the cultures and lets them peek at cuisines from around the world. And there’s so much more to do.

Orboot would help your child become a leader of tomorrow. It is the globe of the future and comes without political boundaries. There is nothing to limit your child. The possibilities are endless!

It is no wonder that this has got people talking. Let’s see what some of our satisfied customers around the world are saying about it.



Glenna Reisner, USA

“I LOVE OUR ORBOOT! The elementary students had a blast and were super intrigued by their explorations. Thanks for what you do! I’m a fan. And promoter! Best of luck as you continue to grow your company.”

Ashish Shukul, Singapore

“My kids (11 & 3) love it. Great job guys.”

Melanie Thompson, UK

“This is a great item. Spent most of Sunday with my 2-year-old nephew feeding the different animals in the app. He loved it. Everyone I’ve shown it to thinks it’s brilliant. Thank you for your time and effort.”


3 kids orboot on table

And there are so many more!

Not only our customers but hear what these famous names have to say about us:


“Having a real globe is a great idea, and turns it into a hands-on activity rather than yet another swipe-fest.”


“It’s a really interesting way for taking something ‘old’ – a globe and bringing it into the 21st century.”

fatherly-logo“…impress your son’s new 3rd-grade teacher at that next parent-teacher conference.”


“… lead children’s interest and lead to developmental learning.”


Now tell us, isn’t Orboot worth talking about? Get yours now, from our online shop or Amazon. Let the adventure begin…

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