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5 ways to recycle and reuse your old Easter decorations

Teach your little ones about sustainability. Make Easter a little more environmentally friendly.

Festivals are a great time to connect your family and loved ones. This brings in long road trips to be with your family, disposable cups, and plates for parties that include everyone. 

The environmental impact of this is very high and plastic usage rises at a steep rate. During Easter, you are looking at egg hunts that are completely based on plastic eggs, baskets that are also heavily dependent on non-biodegradable material, and packaging that, if not disposed of properly, could be part of the ever-growing landfills. 

Trying to instill a more environmentally friendly Easter in your little one is never a bad idea. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

1. Easter egg baskets 

Easter brings with it an Easter egg hunt. These hunts always have a basket associated with them. Swap a plastic basket with one made with jute. Want to make it even better? Pick a basket you can later use in the house. How? If you pick a Jute basket of a considerable size, after Easter you can use it in your child’s room to keep the Lego blockchain. Next year on Easter you can use the same basket again. This way you eliminate buying plastic or any kind of basket altogether.

2. Wooden egg

The chocolate egg packaging is one of the most polluting things in the Easter basket of a child. Replacing them with eggs that can be reused is a sensible idea. Wooden eggs, while on the expensive side, are a great way to replace the eggs. These can be used again over the years. This a great way to pass on something for generations as tradition. 

When it comes to decorating these eggs, you can make a family activity of painting them. Try using a natural dye to paint these eggs. You can check our previous blog to learn how to make a natural dye. 

3. Innovative gifts 

As we have seen before chocolate packaging creates a long-term impact on the environment. So instead of getting your child chocolates, you can be more innovative with the presents. One of our favorite ideas is to gift them an experience.

Gifting your little one an experience means getting them gift cards, a ticket to the museum to be used in the future, a private tour of a laboratory they have always wanted to visit. These are gifts that add more fun and value to your child’s growth than just chocolate. 

4. Eco- friendly grass 

In an Easter basket, plastic grass is a major part. A great way to make the grass by yourself is to paint the paper going in the shredder green in color. Once this paper is shredded, you can use it as grass in the basket. All your shredded paper can now be used in a way that you are more environmentally friendly. 

5. Reuse packaging 

If it seems impossible to get rid of the store-bought Easter eggs, you can always use the packaging on it in a more productive manner. One of the best ways to do this is to use egg holder cardboard to teach your little ones some gardening. There are multiple small plant seeds available that one can use to grow a small garden in your child’s room. This would be an excellent method to teach more responsibility by holding them accountable for the garden.

It is the small things and changes that later make a huge impact. Start today with just making one change in your Easter plans. 


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