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5 ways Plugo makes screen time healthier

Average screen time among children is as high as 6 hours. That means out of the 18 hours your child is awake, 1/3rd of it is spent in front of a screen. That is a lot of time! Why not make it a little more productive by including some learning on it!

We say combine the learning,  playtime, and screen time with Plugo. Want to know something better? It makes up for healthier screen time. 

Here are 5 ways how Plugo helps in making screentime more productive: 

1. Physical play meets digital games 

Plugo combines physical toys with digital gameplay in a unique phygital way.  Use physical kits and blocks to solve puzzles in the real world to drive the game on the screen. Exciting, right?

2. Playtime or learning time? They won’t know the difference!

Your little one won’t know that when the learning begins while playing Plugo.  New concepts are introduced through stories which make learning more fun with  15+ interactive games and 800 levels. Each gaming kit comes with its own set of blocks, tiles, or instruments.

3. Develops over 10 essential skills

Plugo helps develop a range of foundational skills, STEAM and beyond. Strengthen your child’s linguistic, math, problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning,  and many more skills.   

4. Highly engaging story-based games 

Kids love stories, especially where there is animation, voice-overs, and exciting characters. Plugo games follow a gripping narration and sharpen your child’s comprehension skills as well as imagination. Kids learn from cute characters such as fish, dinosaurs, and cavemen.

5. A game for all the kids in the house

Have two kids in different grades? No problem! The game has age adaptive games for PreK to Grade 5 catering to each child on their profile. 

Plugo STEM Wiz Pack includes Count, Link, Letters. They will be the perfect companion to build early STEAM skills in your children.

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