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5 exciting games your kids can play with Orboot

Check out these 5 fun games your kids can play with this smart Augmented Reality globe.

Howdy peeps!

Today we bring to you 5 cool games your kids and their friends (and you) can play with PlayShifu Orboot:

1.  Who am I
The classic game, but with a twist: you can only be something from Orboot. Take 20 cards/ sticky notes, and on each of them write down a particular highlight from Orboot (any animal, invention, country etc.). Stick the note to the back (or forehead) of your play partner, and they need to find out who they are. They can ask questions, like “Am I an animal?”, “What do I eat?” etc. But only ten questions are allowed!

2.  Piñata
You close your eyes (or, for the super-enthusiasts, your play partner blindfolds you). Next, you place your finger on a spot on Orboot. Your partner picks a particular highlight and reads about it on the app (but doesn’t tell you). You have to figure out what it is and you can ask only five questions. If you answer correctly, you get a candy!

3.  Spinnin’ the Orboot
A spinnin’ the bottle, but for the little ones! The kid has to pretend to be whichever animal faces him/her. Don’t know how that animal walks, or roars, or eats? Well, Orboot will show you!

4.  Around the world in 80 highlights
You have to start from your home, and go around the world. And you have to travel via highlights! You go east, your friend goes west. Maybe you and your friend could meet halfway across the world. And when both of you will come back to your home, you will be richer with the knowledge of 80 fascinating things from our round planet.

5.  I spy with my little eye…
…something white that’s a monument and stands for love! Guess what? (Yup, this time it’s the Taj Mahal). Your mate gives you hints. You have to find out what it is, in three guesses. Start looking for it on your Orboot.

Wouldn’t these games be fun! But we’re pretty sure all of you can come up with plenty of other games as well. We’d love to know about them, tell us in the comments below.

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