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4 wondrous educational toys to spring up the summer

Looking for a super fun way to combat summer brain drain? These award-winning toys are the answer to a fun-filled and educative summer!

Kid: Mom, I’m bored!

Mom: Go play outside

Kid: But, it’s raining!

Mom: Adam, the scorching sun is looking right at us!

Kid: And you expect me to go play outside?

That’s why it’s time you stock up that toy shelf with the things we’re going to let you in on. 

1. The Magical Orb

The word ‘summer’ just seems incomplete if it’s not piggybacking the word ‘vacation’. New places, safaris, cultures, monuments, trivia, that’s what it’s all about. But all that from the comfort of your home?

Orboot makes it happen! An AR-powered globe, Orboot is packed with these fascinating highlights that come to life on your screen when used with the Orboot app.

Oh, the sparkle in your little one’s eyes!

2. The Three Fingered Genius

Those numerous bedtime stories your kids rejoiced, growing up have sure made them natural storytellers.  

Now imagine if stories could teach your kids a little more. Perhaps, math?

Plugo Count – from our STEM-based, AR gaming series – PlayShifu Plugo is your go-to tactile game this summer. Plugo app is filled with rock-solid, evil and challenging obstacles (math-based problems) that your little one has to overcome using the Plugo Count kit. With over 250+ levels, fun is in town!

3. The Summer Link

It’s not summer if watching your kid building structures and then bringing it down is not an everyday sight.

But this one, they wouldn’t want to break.

Plugo Link, also from our AR gaming series – PlayShifu Plugo will make your kid just build and build and build (you get the picture).

Giving life to this kit is our Plugo app that makes these structures come alive on the screen! Watch, as these structures help in solving numerous puzzles on the app.

4. The Lethal Combo

Loved our Plugo kits?

That’s why we’ve brought them together as Plugo Combo – Plugo Count and Link kits.

Double the fun and double the education.

 No excuses, now.

This summer’s going to be a blast!

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