Value to Education

Vocabulary building games for kids—a guide to kickstart grammar sessions

Teaching kids how to read and spell can be challenging, especially if they’re still being introduced to phonetics and letters. Here’s the solution!

Creative Hub

#StayAtHome Activity of the Day – Beat those math blues away!

Did you know modeling clay can help you with Math? Yes, that’s right! We’re here to help you!


Let’s talk STEM (4): How to introduce Math in early childhood?

Does the word ‘MATH’ scare your kid? Worry not, these fun-filled Math activities will make your child L.O.V.E. Math!

The PlayShifu Digest

Technology v/s Emotionality—Are we losing out on what makes us human?

The never-ending battle, and what I think and feel about the same. (Trust me. I am being unbiased)

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