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5 gifts to amaze kids this Christmas

Picking gifts for kids is a tricky venture. The stakes are high. The little ones wait for it the whole year, so you’d want these to be extra special.


Don’t believe us. Read what these 7 parents revealed about Orboot…

Orboot is a smart-AR globe where kids get to learn about a region across 6 categories: culture, cuisine, monuments, wildlife, maps and more.

The PlayShifu Digest

Technology v/s Emotionality—Are we losing out on what makes us human?

The never-ending battle, and what I think and feel about the same. (Trust me. I am being unbiased)

Value to Education

Build the foundations of STEM when kids are most inquisitive

Between the age of 0-3 years, a child’s brain is 80% developed. Hence, they absorb the world around them till the age of 6.


Sneak Peek: PlayShifu Orboot

Orboot takes kids on an Augmented Reality journey around the world. Adventurous, fun & learning!