Don’t believe us. Read what these 7 parents revealed about Orboot…

Orboot is a smart-AR globe where kids get to learn about a region across 6 categories: culture, cuisine, monuments, wildlife, maps and more.

Reality check

Fact: Tech-toys are changing the way kids play today.

Truth: Presence of tech-toys in homes is limited due to lack of dynamic nature of such toys.

Solution: Establish ‘emotional connection’ with the child and encourage family bonding to ensure the longevity and acceptance of the tech-toy by all. (We strongly hold the belief that toys should go beyond just entertaining.)

Thus, came Orboot.

To the community, with love

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Orboot came into existence.

A globe that aimed to sensitize children to the wonders of the world, Orboot is a 10” smart AR borderless globe without the many prejudices and biases adults hold, in a way that illuminated their minds.

…and before we knew it, it sold off like a gooey, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownie straight off the oven!

With abundant help from our community, (we love you Orbooters and family) we are constantly on the lookout for ways and means to improve upon our globe…

If you’re someone new who is clueless about the #Orboot craze, here’s a fraction of everything you can read under 5 minutes about what others have to say about our avant-garde AR globe.

What does the community say about Orboot?


“This educational, Augmented-Reality Globe is geared for boys & girls ages 4 to 10 years old. It allows your child to absorb endless amounts of knowledge and “travel the globe” with a tap of a finger! Using an iPad or smartphone, your child will explore the countries and cultures found all across the world. There are six categories to choose from and over 400+ highlights and 1000+ facts to learn about! It’s great that your child can use this globe for years and years of learning benefits. I say that this product is not only Mom – but also kid approved!”

Brandiann, mum to one, Momma Review

A photographer and a lover of all things art and creative, Brandiann enjoys jamming to rock ‘n’ roll.


“My kids ask to play it every day! Especially my five-year-old. I feel like this toy is going to give her an advantage in school. I was amazed at how well they played together scanning the stars on the globe to track the seven wonders of the world, learn history lessons, and learn about the geography of each country. The box includes a passport, stickers from every country, and a stamp to mark the places you’ve been! Ahhh I love this toy! It’s the perfect Christmas gift for a curious learner!”

Kate, mum to two

An ardent believer in the power of food, Kate writes about healthy living and the importance of forming an unbreakable bond with her children in the kitchen.


“As a parent, I love the idea to help teach children about the world in a fun way whilst they believe they are having their ‘tech time’. My children have enjoyed using the app and also the passport with stickers. The girls loved playing with it and have spent lots of time trying to visit all the places to collect the coins, they think it is great fun and Big A said ‘It will help me with my school projects’.”

Bex, mum to two, Allum’s Adventures

Allum’s adventure chronicles the journey of the Allum family, from toys to food to lifestyle and more.


“I’m a homeschool and world-school mom. The challenge is, if it is not fun, they’re not interested. Then, I found the Orboot, an augmented reality globe that syncs with an interactive app for all the learning fun. It does so many awesome things, but my favourite part is it teaches kids about cultures, monuments, food, animals and maps of countries from around the world.”

Angelica, mum to three

After 10 years of creating digital engagement strategies, Angelica is now spending her time travelling, writing and taking care of her brood.


“The globe itself is intriguing with its’ borderless countries and the many animated pictures to elicit questions and stir curiosity. There are many learning aspects to be cherished, all within a context of interactive fun…”

“…It (Orboot) is truly a gift. One to be kept at home and one to be given to others. It is something that can be used with just one child, shared amongst a few, or even used within a classroom. Because everyone is making their own choices within their Orboot app, the self-paced learning leaves everyone happily independent!”

April, mum to three, Mojitos and Munchkins

A writer and teacher with numerous publications to her credit, April loves to write about her family and travel tales.


“The Orboot eliminates the need for mom or dad to be there for all the learning. Our kids can find places and pick the topics they would like to learn about. This is an excellent feature especially when your child loves to ask a million questions as ours do. Since investing in the Orboot, the majority of our Google searches have downsized. Well, our family LOVES this product.”

Maria and Michiel Thompson, Parents to two, Inside and Out as a Thompson

‘Inside and Out as a Thompson’ focuses on the multi-cultural living of the Thompson tribe complete with travel stories, adventure sports and more.


“As a mom doing my best to raise my daughters with empathy,  I think that exposing children to different cultures at a young age is so important because it helps them develop an understanding, appreciation and sensitivity for diversity. This STEM toy is making the term “a world without borders” into a reality. It sparks curiosity while building knowledge, linguistic, cognitive, creative, and emotional skills.”

Kimberly, mum to two, Growing up Glad

A trained kindness ambassador for a non-profit, Kimberly runs an after-school club promoting the message that “Kindness Matters”.

Still wondering what the fuss is all about?

You will find all the clarity here—Orboot.



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