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A fun and ‘mallow’ activity for #SuddenlyHomeschooling moments!

Who knew marshmallows and toothpicks could make our summer full of fun and learning? Try out this fun activity this summer!

Looks like somebody’s back for s’more homeschooling fun with PlayShifu!

Got marshmallows?

No, we’re not going camping, of course, but building engineering marvels!

What you’ll need:

  • A pack of marshmallows (about 50 nos.)
  • Toothpick (about 25 nos.)

…that’s it!


How many people can play?

Minimum 2 players = 2 teams.
You and your kid can go one-on-one with one another!

How to play?

  • To start, play any Plugo Link game and complete 1 game level with the highest number of stars earned in less time. (optional)
  • Winning team gives the Marshmallow and toothpick challenge to the losing team. If you don’t have Plugo Link, youngest player can start!
  • The winning team or youngest player decides the number of Marshmallows and toothpicks that’ll be used to build a standing structure. (Minimum 5 Marshmallows and 4 toothpicks)
  • Each team should build the tallest tower made of nothing but toothpicks and Marshmallows. Once the tower is complete it must be able to stand on its own for 1 minute without falling over or collapsing.
  • Team that does so, wins!

STEM-marshmallow challenge-for

Tag us in your social media channels using hashtag #SuddenlyHomeschool and let us know who won!

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