Nurture your kid’s love for puzzles with this STEM game

Does your kid love solving challenging puzzles and constructing things? This STEM kit combines learning with fun for your kid!

“Children who play with puzzles at an early age, develop better spatial skills later” – a study by University of Chicago researchers 

But why are spatial skills important? The ability to mentally transform shapes is an important predictor of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) course-taking and careers in older children.

Hence, comes Plugo Link

To bring puzzles and STEM even closer, we created Plugo Link. Yes, it’s a game full of puzzles.

5 Reasons to love this game:

 1. Learn by doing

Kids experiment with different designs and constructions. This way, they learn by doing.

2. Understand Shapes

Your little one will understand shapes and how to utilize space in and around objects.

3. Improve Comprehension Skills

The word games and storytelling will help your little one discover new words and improve their comprehension skills.

4. Nurtures Creativity and Logical Thinking

Nurtures creativity and teaches kids the cause and effect of stacking the blocks.

5. Bid farewell to your kid’s unproductive screen time

1. Choose one of the 4 games for Link.
2. Spot the start and endpoint on the screen.

3. Place a link on the gamepad (front camera of the device reads the links).
4. Create a balanced structure to connect the start and endpoint.

Plugo Link has 5 amazing games with 250+ levels. Oh, yes! You can choose your little one’s grade (pre-K to Grade 5) in the app, to customize the game levels and difficulty.

Isn’t Plugo Link something you wish you had, growing up? 😉

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