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Six Books To Teach Your Kids About Love

Cozy up with your little one and show them how love can come in all shapes and sizes – and here are our top reads that will help you do just that!

A celebration of friendship, selflessness, affection, and giving, Valentine’s Day is beyond just red roses and (cookie-cutter) gifts. And what better day to teach our tiny tots some lessons in love than V-Day? 

Cozy up with your little one and show them how love can come in all shapes and sizes – and here are our top reads that will help you do just that!

1) Invisible Boy – By Trudi Ludwig

Brian’s a nobody at school. But when the new boy, Justin, starts school, Brian’s the first to extend support. Joining hands with Justin sparks off Brian’s inner genius and helps him shine. An important (and heartwarming) story on friendship, especially for reserved kids beginning school or experiencing separation anxiety.

2) No Matter What – By Debi Gliori

A mother loves her children, no matter what! Small – the baby fox – needs constant reassurance from his mother that she will continue to love him even if he turns into a bug, a crocodile, or worse, a grizzly bear. A warm story that drives home the unconditionality of a parent’s love, No Matter What leaves a lump in the throat, and for all the right reasons.

3) If I Could Keep You Little – By Marianne R. Richmond

A tearjerker for mums and a warm bedtime read for the tiny tots, If I Could Keep You Little explores what goes on in a mum’s mind as the child grows up. It highlights a mother’s love but underlines the importance of allowing children to grow into who they’re meant to be, without stifling them. The story is bittersweet but more sweet than bitter.

4) Love Is – By Diane Adams

Sometimes, the purest expression of love is letting go, and Love Is brings this out rather lucidly. When a lost duckling is adopted by a little girl, she takes on the role of a guardian. She showers constant love and affection on the duck, taking care of all its needs – until it’s time to say goodbye. 

5) A Hat For Mrs.Goldman – By Michelle Edwards

Mrs.Goldman is always knitting hats for the neighborhood, but when winter comes, she’s left without any for herself. It’s now up to Sophia to learn how to knit a hat from scratch, and gift it to Mrs.Goldman! A story that celebrates love and the joy of giving, A hat for Mrs.Goldman is a must-read for V-Day!

6) Listening With My Heart – By Gabi Garcia

Love your neighbor, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself! When Esperanza’s role in the school play doesn’t go the way she had imagined, she takes a step back from the competitiveness surrounding her and learns to love herself; learns to breathe. A wholesome, illustrated tale of kindness and self-compassion, this one’s straight from the heart and to the heart.

Have you read any of these books to your children? Tell us what you (and your child) thought of them, in the comments section!

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