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‘Tis the time for new beginnings!

Starting off with our own, we have a brand new game in the Orboot app for you.

Say hello to Oko National Park—the new educational adventure game that brings the excitement of the natural world in your kid’s universe.

What is Oko National Park?

Oko Park joins fourth in the list of Orboot games after Explore AR mode, Mysteries (Scavenger hunt), Quiz Wiz & travel-friendly Tour mode.

The new game gives kids the chance to take care of their very own national park.

Kids can learn about how a natural ecosystem maintains its balance and also about types of ecosystems. In an ecosystem, all living and non-living things rely on each other to live. Scientists describe this dependence using a food chain and food web.

Oko Park runs on the Circle of Oko, made up of 5 different elements—Herbivores, Carnivores, Water, Soil & Greenery.

When all the 5 elements are balanced, the Circle of Oko is green. But sometimes, it turns red…That’s where the challenge lies!

How to play Oko National Park?

1. In Oko Park, you will face imbalances or challenges of the natural world. Before solving these emergencies, know your national park. As a player, complete all tasks stated in the To-Do list.

2. Explore the zone mentioned in the To-Do list. Study & know about the creatures of Oko Park. Spot the animals & tap on them one by one to complete the list.

When you tap on an animal, pay attention to the properties displayed. They will come in handy. Learn about :

  • Classification of the animal based on its food habits: Herbivores, Carnivores & Omnivores.
  • The strength of the animal based on its food habits: Is it a strong or a weak herbivore or carnivore? The position of the animal based on where it is placed in the food chain.
  • Which elements of Oko Circle are affected by the animal?

For instance, a bear holds a high rank in the food chain table. But the strength of a bear will be lower compared to a tiger

3. After completing the To-Do list, solve the emergency that has occurred in the zone. The goal is to create a healthy ecosystem by balancing all natural elements (water, soil, plants, carnivores & herbivores) in the Circle of Oko.

For instance, in this particular case, a habitat for tiger breeding needs to be created in the zone. The Circle of Oko goes out of balance because important resources are less in this zone.

4. As a player, how can you solve this imbalance in the natural environment? Here’s where critical thinking skills come into play.

Since a tiger is a carnivore, it needs water to drink, other animals (plant-eating) to eat. The plant-eating animals would not be able to survive without their food (plants). An ecosystem that sustains the tiger fully, is what’s needed.

5. Based on your answer, drag the natural elements from the Oko Resource Library that can help you solve the problem. There are 4 types of natural resources that can be found in the Oko National Park Library: Animals, Birds, Nature, & Insects.

6. With a simple drag-drop action, solve the imbalance in the Oko circle. (Answer: Water, greenery & plant-eating animals need to be added.)

Check the Circle of Oko everytime you drag & drop a living resource. If you think a resource didn’t work, drag it back to the library.
(Keep in mind what you learned while exploring the zones.)

7. In order to solve the problem, drag a powerful herbivore or plant-eating animal to solve the imbalance. Add water & a big tree to complete the challenge.

Restore balance and earn points along the way! Hurraaaay!

But, is Oko National Park really worth it?

Every challenge in Oko National Park is designed to ignite curiosity, critical thinking and logical reasoning in kids. Moreover, we want the future generation to be aware of the problems that affect the environment & our future on a whole. After all, awareness is the first step towards bringing the change we want to see in our world.

Here is the recap:

Play it at the airport, or while driving down to meet friends or at home. Your little one & Oko go hand-in-hand this new year, without breaking a sweat!

What’s more, you don’t need the physical globe to play the new game. Cool, right?

So…what are you waiting for? Update Orboot app NOW!

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