Let’s Talk STEM (2): How to introduce technology in early childhood?

If we look closely, technology can be linked to stationary and essentials such as building blocks, crayons, pens, pencils, play doughs, scissors, etc.

Are you unsure of how to make STEM activities a part of your kid’s everyday learning? We’ve got some cool ideas that you could try.


This part of the blog series covers the TECHNOLOGY aspect of STEM activities for kids. If you have missed out our STEM series for SCIENCE, we urge you to check it out.

When we think of Technology, we think of complex terms like BlockChain or Cloud Computing. We tend to shy away from exploring the know-hows and whys thinking ‘We don’t really get it’.

Let’s face it, technology isn’t always complicated, and technology is not always coding. We all connect technology to electronic gadgets and appliances. However, technology should not be limited to electronic items.

If we look closely, technology can also be linked to stationary and essentials such as building blocks, crayons, pens, pencils, play doughs, scissors, etc.


Yes, most of the items I listed above are everyday-tools that your kids already use. But what they might not know is how these tools are made and what are the use cases. This our chance to step up and introduce some facts that educate the kids while making technology fun for them.

The T(echnology) in STEM

Here is a list of some seed ideas (STEM activities) to help you get started by introducing the core aspects of technology to your kids:

1. Let them explore devices at home

Use your mobile phone or tablet and use the “fingerprint sensor” to unlock the device. Ask your kid to do the same and have a light conversation about the technology behind fingerprint sensors (biometrics) and their use cases in various industries such as security, finance, health care, education, and law enforcement. Similarly, you can also introduce facial recognition, speech recognition, etc. that are already in-built in most of the phones and tablets.

: Don’t forget to tell your kid that no two fingerprints are alike!

2. Make laundry days full of fun and learning

You can make laundry day a learning day as well. Washing machines are packed with lots of interesting technologies. You can talk about simple details like why the inner drum (cylinder-shaped space where you dump the clothes) has holes, how buttons have different functions (thermostat, timer, spin speed), what the buttons do, and also a little about soaps and detergents.

: You can also discuss the different types of fabrics and how fabrics are dyed to get desired colors.

3. Connect playtime to fun STEM activities

 Colouring is fun. Most kids love color pencils, crayons and paints. They would be fascinated if you can tell them or show them how crayons are made. Similarly, you can teach them about legos, scissors, and things that they use regularly.

Tip: You can break a crayon into half and join it by heating the ends as most crayons are made of wax!

Everything around us has some science, technology, and engineering behind it. You can turn these complex comprehensions into simple stories and make learning fun for your kids.

Oh yes, engineering-related STEM activities for kids!

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Go on now, surprise your kid!

And feel free to talk to our experts for more fun-filled STEM activities. We reply to your comments and emails.


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