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Family Nights with Orboot – The Interactive Smart Globe

Looking for fun game nights this summer? Make your summer Orboot-ful with these fun games!

Looking at your favorite globe – Orboot on the toy shelf, and wondering how you could include it in your family game nights?

Good news!

Here are some awesome games the family can play with Orboot.

1. Sell Out 

Ready to conquer the world using your knowledge?

i. Team A and B get 3 continents each (Antarctica is a “No-Sell” zone).

ii. In Team A’s continent, Team B will choose an icon they’d like to buy.

iii. Team A will ask them 3 questions related to the icon.

iv. Team B should answer 2 questions to win the icon.

v. The first team to win 5 icons of the opposite team is the winner.

Go get ‘em!

2.  The Visa Officer

Travel around the globe without any money, but just your knowledge.

i. Player 1 will be the Visa Officer and the remaining players will be travelers.

ii. Travelers will choose a country they want to travel to.

ii. The Visa Officer will ask them 5 questions from any category of Orboot, related to that country.

iv. Traveler must answer at least 4 questions correctly to get into the country.

Go ahead and use the Orboot app to brush up your knowledge.

3. The Memory Game

Boast of having the best memory in the family? Let’s find out.

i. Player 1 is given 1 minute to memorize the icons on a continent/part of a continent.

ii. After, the player should recall and say aloud the icons to Player 2.

iii. Players are allowed to look at Orboot for an extra 5 seconds if they are unable to recall the icons.

iv. The first player to recall all the icons wins! 

We’d love to see how your family night with Orboot turned out. Share your snaps with us on Facebook or Instagram – and make sure to tag #playshifu!


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