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Fabulous bedtime books to read with your children

Looking for ways to engage your kid at home? We’ve curated books we absolutely love, and they’re great to get you started.

Schools are shut, going out isn’t advisable, and the kids are bored at home. What do you do? We say, read to them (among other things!) 

Revisit books you loved as a child, books that other parents have vouched for, and books that your 5-year-old’s 5-year-old friend recommended!  

We’ve curated books we absolutely love, and they’re great to get you started. Put on your reading glasses, curl up with your kid, and let their imagination take flight.

For ages 4 – 8

Simpler words, lots of pictures, and heartwarming tales.

1. Kitchen disco

Who doesn’t love a good party? Turns out, even fruits do!

At night, when you’re fast asleep, the banana in your fruit bowl turns DJ. And the rest of the fruits let their hair down. Hilarious antics of the fruits and goofy illustrations make this book a pear-fect bedtime read. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to read this book more than once, or twice, or thrice.

(Psst, if you’ve been trying to teach your kid the names of fruits, this picture book might be just what you’re looking for!)

2. Maddi’s fridge

What happens when your best friend goes hungry? You share your food with them. That’s what Maddi’s fridge is all about. The book can be a great way to teach your kid about poverty, hunger, but, most importantly, friendship. It’s age-appropriate, non-preachy, and non-judgmental.

3. The kissing hand

A baby raccoon is about to start school and is nervous about his first day. His mother asks him to press his cheeks and remember her love for him, whenever he feels lonely or anxious or misses home. This one’s super relatable and tugs at the heartstrings! The illustrations are endearing, colorful, and are great for tiny tots who are beginning school next year!

4. What should Danny do?

An innovative, interactive book that we love! Danny is at school, and your kid gets to decide his actions and see how it plays out! You are presented with two options, each of which takes you to a different page. The book has 8 outcomes in total and is sure to hold your little one’s attention!

For ages 9 – 12

Coming-of-age tales perfect for the preteen souls!

1. Tuesdays at the castle

If you (and your tween) are Potterheads, Tuesdays at the castle is for you. Every Tuesday, Princess Celie’s castle does something new, and nobody can predict what. It sometimes adds a new room, sometimes a new floor! But thanks to certain dire events that take place, it’s now up to Celie to save the castle. Whimsical, quirky, and uber-fun, this one’s a page-turner!

2. Harriet the spy

The 11-year-old Harriet lives a normal life. Well, for the most part. Harriet’s a spy! She has a secret notebook in which she writes honest observations about people! All hell breaks loose when the book is found by her classmates! Witty, fresh, and poignant, Harriet the spy is dubbed “a milestone in children’s literature,” and we’re not surprised!

3. Can I touch your hair?

As children grow, it’s crucial to talk to them about the prejudices that exist in the world. And this book is a great place to start! Can I touch your hair? traces the journey and everyday life of two young school-going poets – one white, one black. It addresses difficult, sensitive questions and sparks conversation.

An Interesting tidbit: The characters, Charles and Irene, are named after the authors (one of whom is white, and the other, black!)

4. The terrible two

Niles and Miles are classmates who are also incredible pranksters. They strive to outwit each other, but they have a common goal: one epic prank to pull, before they graduate school. Will they succeed? The terrible two is insanely funny, clever, and will leave your tween in splits.

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