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Seven crazy Easter traditions that still exist! 😮

Did you know people of all ages water-fight with family and neighbors during Easter in Poland and Hungary? Check out more crazy Easter traditions.

Easter is one of the oldest Christian festivals. Christians from all over the world rejoice the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ in splendor.

We all know Easter Bunny and Chocolate Eggs as the most popular Easter rituals. However, Easter traditions from around the globe can be more than just these.

We’ve picked out seven Easter celebrations that are unique and exotic.

1. Bermuda:

Instead of egg-hunting and chocolate eggs, Bermudians indulge in kite-flying and feasting on codfish cakes and hot cross buns. Sounds cool, right? Did you know Bermuda kites are traditionally made of paper and stick shaped in geometrical designs (hexagonal or octagonal)?

2. Brazil:

In Brazil and some regions of Spain, people participate in burning effigies of Judas. Who was Judas, you ask? He was an apostle who betrayed Jesus.

Effigies of different sizes are often made with firecrackers causing loud and spectacular explosions.

3. England:

Easter attracts enormous crowds to Durham, England for The World Jarping Championship. (Yes, you heard that right!). It is a two-player egg-smashing extravaganza local to the English. Many communities of England perform a traditional folk dance called Morris Dance. Typically, men wear ankle bells and hop-step across the streets in synchronization.

4. France:

While Easter Bunny is gaining ground, Easter Bell is still the French favorite. Legend says that the church bells grew wings and flew to the Vatican to get blessings from the Pope. Hence, no bells ring between Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning in France. However, on their way back, the bells bring chocolate eggs and gifts for kids.

No, it doesn’t end there! The French also unite in Bessieres to make a massive omelet in a 4-meter wide pan with 15,000 fresh eggs to feed it to the poor. This tradition dates back to the time when Napoleon and his troops set camp in a town nearby. Napoleon enjoyed the omelet from a local innkeeper so much that he ordered the residents of the village to gather all their eggs and make an omelet large enough for his army to feast.

5. Sweden:

Swedish kids dress up as witches called the påskkärringars on Easter. They go door-to-door distributing handmade Easter cards and get presents in return. It is similar to Halloween but with a Swedish touch of Jansson’s Temptation, the traditional casserole.

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6. Norway:

Norwegian Easter is thrilling ( literally). Easter Crime or Paske Krim is a centuries-old tradition. During Easter, almost every TV channel, newspaper comic strip, and even the milk cartons host a detective or crime series. The origins of this tradition aren’t definite, but it is how it is. People here take trips to their winter cabins for a weekend of skiing, crime on TV, and their favorite game Yahtzee.

7. Ukraine & Poland:

This one’s our favorite! Śmigus-Dyngus or Wet Monday is probably one of the coolest Easter traditions around the world. Śmigus-Dyngus is a water fight on the Easter day whose origins trace back to the baptism of the Polish Prince Mieszko I in 966 AD. People of all ages water-fight with family and neighbors. Following this refreshing ritual is a parade and then an extravagant feast. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, parts of central Europe and the United States also follow this practice.

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These are our picks of some exciting Easter celebrations. Which one did you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

And, a Happy Easter to you all!

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