A fun & ‘mallow’ activity for #SuddenlyHomeschooling moments!

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A fun & ‘mallow’ activity for #SuddenlyHomeschooling moments!

27 May 19
7 min read
27 May 19
7 min read

Looks like somebody’s back for s’more homeschooling fun with PlayShifu!

Got marshmallows?

No, we’re not going camping, of course, but building engineering marvels!

What you’ll need:

  • A pack of marshmallows (about 50 nos.)
  • Toothpick (about 25 nos.)

…that’s it!



How many people can play?

Minimum 2 players = 2 teams.
You and your kid can go one-on-one with one another!

How to play?

  • To start, play any Plugo Link game and complete 1 game level with the highest number of stars earned in less time. (optional)
  • Winning team gives the Marshmallow and toothpick challenge to the losing team. If you don’t have Plugo Link, youngest player can start!
  • The winning team or youngest player decides the number of Marshmallows and toothpicks that’ll be used to build a standing structure. (Minimum 5 Marshmallows and 4 toothpicks)
  • Each team should build the tallest tower made of nothing but toothpicks and Marshmallows. Once the tower is complete it must be able to stand on its own for 1 minute without falling over or collapsing.
  • Team that does so, wins!

STEM-marshmallow challenge-for summerbuggyandbuddy.com

Tag us in your social media channels using hashtag #SuddenlyHomeschool and let us know who won!

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