7 blogs every homeschooling parent should bookmark!

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7 blogs every homeschooling parent should bookmark!

12 Aug 19
7 min read
12 Aug 19
7 min read

People choose to homeschool for various reasons, but their motive, to our best knowledge, is the same – to provide the best children’s education possible. Many myths surround the notion of homeschooling, but in our strongest opinion, it is a subjective decision.

You are not alone in taking this road. There are tons of other parents who opt for homeschool programs for their kids. They all help each other via volunteer non-profit organizations (HSLDRA), online groups and forums, suggesting kids learning games, regular meetups, and co-op activities like museum visits, zoo trips, etc.

For homeschool curriculum-related resources for our little geniuses, there are different websites you can refer to. Here, we have compiled a list of our favorite early-childhood educational blogs that can help you with some innovative resources. 

Hands-On: As We Grow

Hands-On: As We Grow is owned and run by Jamie, the Hands-On Mom. She shares hands-on activities that engage toddlers and preschoolers with a focus on developing gross motor and fine motor skills.  


TinkerLab was founded by  Rachelle Doorley to bring art closer to children in their early childhood. Rachelle’s ideas trigger children’s curiosity and creativity and encourage them to innovate and explore without fearing failure.

Teach Preschool

Deborah J. Stewart’s Teach Preschool is a goldmine for someone looking for inspiration to innovate their homeschooling curriculum. She provides comprehensive resources on Literacy, Art, STEM, Sensory Play, Motor Skills, and other hands-on activities.


PreKinders is an initiative of Karen Cox, who has been teaching 4-5-year-olds for almost 20 years. You can find hundreds of classroom-tested lessons and ideas to teach your preschoolers. Everything you need from math to literacy, fine motor skills to cognitive development on PreKinders.

The Imagination Tree

The Imagination Tree was started by Anna Ranson and caters to topics like literacy, creativity, and physical fitness. Her ideas on PSHE offer unique and actionable insights fit for classrooms and homeschools.  

Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans is the brainchild of Jackie Currie. She loves to help kids explore the world “through art, craft, and good old-fashioned play” and share her creative daycare activities with homeschooling parents and early childhood educators. 

The Educators’ Spin On It

The Educators’ Spin On It was created by Kim Vij and Amanda Boyarshinov. Both are certified educators and experienced teachers. They believe that parents are the first and most important teachers. They share easy hands-on activities that parents can engage their kids with.

homeschool educational toys for kids

These are a few of our favorite blogs. We can promise you that you will never run out of fun ideas for your homeschool with these blogs. We will be sharing more of our favorites in the posts to come. Tell us what you want us to cover in the comments section!

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