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7 blogs every homeschooling parent should bookmark!

Looking for innovative resources for your homeschooling schedule? We have compiled a list of our favorite early-childhood educational blogs!

Homeschooling has always been a well-loved option for many parents, but in recent times, homeschooling has really taken up new dimensions. Especially, after the long hiatus from schools due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many parents have discovered the multiple benefits of homeschooling and have chosen to stick with it.

But like any parenting decision, a lot of thought goes into the many options available when it comes to educating our little ones. Among other things, one needs to research the needs of their child, the methods that align best with their value systems, how to leverage the various tools available, the best homeschooling toys available, the interests of the child, and the curriculum to follow (or not follow). So, then, how should one proceed?

Fortunately, a lot of help and resources are at hand. The homeschooler community has been on a constant rise since the pandemic. Another noticeable trend is how the parent community has come together across online channels in a bid to learn from, and share their varied experiences. Many parents have their own homeschool blogs where they have candid conversations and share tips and tricks through regular homeschooling blog topics.

Homeschooling isn’t based on just one school of thought or way of educating. You can experiment with various educational tools, teaching methodologies, and resources available until you find the ones that work best for you, as a family. Free homeschooling blogs help you deep dive and search for the methods most aligned with your idea of teaching. The best part of engaging with these homeschooling blogs is the immense variety of teaching options, different methodologies, educational resources, and the very many tools that one can learn from.

With the plethora of resource options available in this dynamic community, where does start? Here are seven of our favorite homeschool blogs, replete with tools and resources that can help you on your journey as a homeschooler. 

Simple Homeschool

This blog is one of the most wholesome resources out there for any homeschooling blog topics on your mind. Supermom Jamie C. Martin, is the creator and editor-in-chief of this homeschooling blog. And she has a team of the coolest homeschooling moms contributing. Her own vast knowledge of the subject comes from being a mother, a teacher, and an author. She’s published multiple books and has been published on major platforms like the Washington Post and Psychology Today. Her family represents four different nationalities, and she brings that sensitivity to her blog topics. 

Martin’s blog is very well organized and you’ll find answers to the most pertinent questions related to homeschooling. However, what really makes this blog stand out as one of the best homeschool blogs is the amazing group of contributors to the page. Some of the best homeschooling blog moms contribute to Simple Homeschool and that makes the content of the page incredibly dynamic. There is something for everyone as a result of the multiple perspectives different mom contributors bring to each topic they cover. We highly recommend this blog for research about where and how to begin your homeschooler journey, and picking a homeschooling curriculum! 

Raising Arrows

Raising Arrows–created by mom blogger Amy Arrow–makes everything about homeschooling look simple. A mom of ten kids, her expertise in managing a big family and homeschooling her kids comes out through a lot of her work. There is much to learn from the range of material around homeschool on her blog. The topics covered, the resources shared, and the guidance provided are a refreshing and unique take for any homeschooler, no matter where on their journey. One of the best homeschooling blogs, it doesn’t just shed immense light on how to venture into the educational world of homeschooling, but also how to integrate it with every aspect of your life so that it doesn’t seem overwhelming. The USP of the blog is that since she is homeschooling multiple kids, the content focuses on curriculum and topics relevant to multiple grades, all under one roof.

The Homeschool Scientist

The Homeschool Scientist by Michelle Moody is a fantastic all-in-one homeschool blog resource for those who understand the importance of STEM in today’s curriculum. With more than twenty years of teaching experience and having authored over forty science kits, you can be sure to find some really valuable experiment ideas, curriculum choices, science resources, and expert advice on the list of her homeschooling blog topics. We’d recommend starting with, ‘How to make crystals from Epsom salt’.

If you’ve always wanted to become one of those STEM-inspired parents, Michelle’s blog is a great place to start. She’s spent years working on this so there’s a lot of experience to learn from! Her easy confidence comes from her own background as well as a team that specializes in STEM. And it reflects in the way they handle the topics of curriculum, experiments, guides, and activities. Her blog is especially attractive because of her honest product reviews, detailed activity and experiment posts, and a lot of printables available. She takes the stress out of the STEM curriculum that some parents feel and makes the entire learning process fun for both parent and child.

The Intuitive Homeschooler

The Intuitive Homeschooler, run by Cami K, is one of those homeschool blogs that is relevant to both, veteran homeschoolers as well as those that are only just beginning their homeschooling journey. Cami, a Black mom, has 15 years of experience as a homeschooler for her three kids. She is a powerhouse of energy and believes homeschooling is much more than just a curriculum.

This particular homeschooling blog believes that parents are the first and most important teachers, and focuses on building overall holistic learning environments at home. Her posts are informative about curriculum, changes in homeschooling spaces, best homeschooling toys, online resources, and much more. Another very unique aspect of her page is the focus on homeschooler parents—their needs and growth journeys—which makes it a very important addition to our list.

Techie Homeschool Mom

Techie Homeschool Mom, a blog by mathematics teacher Sara Radginsky aims at introducing those interested in pursuing homeschooling to digital resources for learning experiences. One of the best homeschool blogs in the tech-specific field, this blog openly accepts the presence of technology in our everyday lives and takes a balanced approach to integrating it with day-to-day homeschooling curriculum and approaches.

Techie Homeschool Mom is one of the most organized and uncluttered blogs on the subject of homeschooling that we have come across. This blog is your go-to for tech advice, best homeschooling toys reviews, STEM activities, and curriculum directories. Sara with her knowledge of science and technology hopes to inspire parents and children alike to stay updated and apply digital resources to good use in their homeschooling journey.


TinkerLab was founded by Rachelle Doorley to bring art closer to children in their early childhood years. Based on the school of thought that children take on the role of artists, scientists, authors, engineers, and much more while they play, TinkerLab is a homeschooling blog that focuses on hands-on activities to foster creativity in young minds and provides excellent tools and resources in that space.

The activities, experiments, and exploratory play ideas suggested by this blog are genuinely brilliant! Take the example of one of her blogs about creating sun print fabrics or the one about building a Rube Goldberg Machine. All of these aim to trigger a child’s natural curiosity and creativity, and encourage them to innovate and explore. TinkerLab believes in the power of imagination and hopes to spark a child’s innate exploration streak that eventually develops a habit of learning through a tinkering mindset. 

At PlayShifu, we echo the belief that hands-on learning through tinkering and play is the best way to build foundational skills. In fact, we have a range of STEM-based game sets to show for it! For example, check out Tacto Electronics where kids learn to tinker with real figurines in a shockproof lab that is their tablet.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

One of the most fun and quirky takes on homeschooling blogs is Weird, Unoscialized Homeschoolers!  Co-founded by Wendy Hilton and Trish Corlew, this blog is an amazing resource of activities, tips, tricks, and budget-friendly ideas. Their take on homeschooling is decidedly fresh, very real, and quite easy to relate to. Where else would you find hilarious takes on homeschooling like, “How to spot a homeschooler by how we say Hello”. Besides the quirky and stereotype-smashing humor that is the blog’s signature, it is a great place to look up ideas for hands-on activities, get detailed product reviews, or explore articles about your child’s learning preferences. Their open approach to discussing the struggles of a homeschooler while sharing nuggets of wisdom (and tools) to tackle these struggles is what makes it one of the best homeschooling blogs out there.

So there you go, this is our current list of homeschooling blog favorites! We hope it inspires you, gives you plenty of ideas, and a laugh or two, as you pick up useful tools to accompany you through this unique journey. But that’s not it! The best part about the many activities listed on these blog pages is that they make a wonderful addition to EVERY parent’s journal, whether they are homeschooling or not, during weekends and vacations. 

If you’re a homeschooler looking for helpful tools on your homeschooling journey, we’ve got you covered! We all have those days when we need a companion to help our kids build foundational skills. And then there are days where you want them to have a productive play-day while you put your feet up and enjoy a little me-time. That’s where PlayShifu comes in! We’re here with one of the best tools to support your homeschooling journey with our mighty STEM ranges: Orboot, Plugo, and Tacto. Over a million kids, parents, and educators around the world swear by us! Check us out at!

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