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7 steps to manage Work From Home with your kids’ schedule

Tired of struggling to manage Work From Home with your kids’ daily schedule? Here are 7 ways you can do it effectively!

Dear working parents,

We are writing to let you know that the mute button on your ongoing conference call is not your knight in shining armor. And “Mommy look, I’m Superman” is not the worst thing that your colleagues heard (or saw) on the video conferencing today.

The need of the hour is harmonizing the chaos that has suddenly befallen us – the rampant spread of COVID – 19, and parents working from home while their kids, well, remain kids.

To help you through it all, PlayShifu comes bearing a few tips and suggestions.

1. Effective Communication

Times such as this call for effective communication more than ever. Keep your supervisors abreast of your schedule. Plan deadlines that are realistic and work well for you.

Let your colleagues know that you cannot guarantee interruption-free conference calls, considering the Marvel and DC superheroes that are bouncing off the walls in your house.

2. Embrace technology with learning

If you’re not a fan of digital educational games and swear off screen-time for your kids, then it’s time to revisit that creed. Investing in digital educational toys ensures that learning never stops. Check out PlayShifu’s range of toys that are built to retain the aspects of hands-on, tactile learning, and add a rich layer of fun, digital interactivity – for the perfect mix of play and learning.  You’ll see a wide range of STEAM skills that can be developed through these games, including math, science, language, motor and cognitive learning.

We ensure that we continuously design fresh content, so that our games are contemporary, productive, and go hand-in-hand with fun!

See Orboot Earth – our bestselling AR globe.

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3. Get involved

How can a parent teach something to a child that the parent doesn’t know? – This is the biggest challenge that parents face when educating their children.

It is essential to understand that this period is not the best time to emulate school. Instill in them skills that you have developed and mastered over the years in your careers – leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills, etc.

You can do this by playing some of the games that you loved as children. PlayShifu’s Tacto Classics series has been designed to help you bring some of your favorite games back to life, with fun, new-age twists. This sort of tactile learning goes a long way in developing some key skills like problem-solving, strategy, and  teamwork. Add in some extra fun with family game nights!

4. Plan in advance

Stick to your workday routine and complete all house chores before duty calls. This gives you one less work to juggle.

Go one step further and propose that your kids prepare their daily plan, too – a mix of learning, playing, and tons of rewarding. When kids draw out a daily plan for themselves, it instills a sense of responsibility and ownership of their actions. Reward them with play time for a job well done.

To do list

5. Be patient

This arrangement – as new as it may be for you – is an entirely new experience for your kids. While you may be equipped with the tools to handle it, remember that they aren’t.  Invest in toys and games that will make their free time productive, as well as fun. Understanding and patience will be your most significant support system. So keep calm!

6. Share responsibilities with your partner

Divide your work and responsibilities as a parent, with your co-parent to ensure a win-win for everybody.

This also ensures that the little ones spend quality time with both parents.

7. Seek help when required

Even after doing everything possible, this situation may seem overwhelming for a few. Don’t be shy or reluctant to ask for help.

While social distancing is the norm, carefully scan and seek help from a friend or family member who may be able to assist with your child’s continuous learning and engagement.

phone a friend

Over and above everything, be safe and stay at home. And to those recovering, our sincere prayers are with you, as we wish you a speedy recovery!

Take care,
Team PlayShifu

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