6 reasons why this STEM-based game is a must-have for your kid

Parents, want to get your kid interested in STEM? Look no further! Check out why our STEM toy it is loved by other parents and teachers!  

Introducing PlayShifu Plugo – a STEM gaming system for kids.

1. Plugo makes S.T.E.A.M. fun

Let your kid tackle math through stories, cute characters and cool games with lots of puzzles. Plugo Count makes math hands-on!

And let your kiddo solve puzzles using magnetic building blocks. Plugo Link makes your kid an engineer! Well, almost.


2. Plugo has 500+ levels and counting

Plugo Count has 5 games with 250 levels. Plugo Link has 5 games with 250 levels. Hours of learning & fun!


3. Plugo grows with your child

Tailor your Plugo app to fit your child’s age and needs. Let’s keep that learning curve growing!

shifu plugo age adaptive stem games

4. Plugo = goooood screen time

Your kid won’t be “wasting” their screen time. Plugo means more hands-on STEM learning and almost no screen touching.

5. Plugo can make the family night fun

There are many puzzles where you can also join the fun. Guaranteed good times!

6. One app. One gamepad. Many consoles

Hassle-free setup. No wires. No Bluetooth. Say whaattt?

Are you ready for some STEM-tastic fun!

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