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5 reasons why your kid should own this smart globe

All you need to know about the interactive Orboot globe from PlayShifu. And you might be $49.99 poorer after reading this…

You may have heard about Orbootthe smart globe.

Maybe you already have an idea about what it is and what it does. Maybe you are also aware of the fact that people from over 60 countries already love and believe in this product. 

But you’re still unsure about buying it, right?

You may be wondering, is it really worth getting your kid an Orboot? They already have plenty to play with…Do they really need this?

The answer is a resounding YES!

…And here are the top five reasons why.

1.   It’s one-of-a-kind!

Orboot is a (very) smart globe. It comes with a fun and easy-to-use app. The globe uses Augmented Reality to make highlighted features come alive on your mobile/tablet screen. Then, you can explore each of them in detail with fun facts!

Currently, the Orboot app is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian.

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2.   Unique active learning

Orboot teaches your kid in a unique and innovative way. The learning experience can be provided by no other source.

Here’s how—

  • Orboot combines the wealth of many books. Be it cultures or monuments, geography or wildlife, explore the world with the magic of Augmented Reality.
  • Orboot offers a level of visualization and engagement in all these aspects like no toy ever.
  • The knowledge that your child gains through the active learning that Orboot provides, will definitely last much longer than that of the traditional passive modes.
  • There is also a wealth of quiz questions for many of the highlights, which work to reinforce what your child has learned.
  •  To know how much your child learned, a progress report-card is also provided that monitors your child’s learning progress regularly.

3.   1000+ cool facts, 400+ highlights and more

Orboot is a treasure trove of information about our world. And all this information is presented to your kids in an active, fun, and engaging way. Your child will love playing with it. And they will do that (perhaps) without even realizing how much they are learning in the process.

Additionally, you get app games like the scavenger hunt, quizzes and maintain-your-own-national park that offer great learning value.

4.   S.T.E.A.M. ahead

Orboot challenges your kids to think analytically and creatively. It will get them interested in STEM/STEAM topics, whether by introducing them to the engineering feats and inventions, or delving into the animal kingdom, and learning about the food chain and endangered species. Orboot also generates interest in music, arts, and culture through interesting facts and captivating stories. It engages your child in problem-solving through exploration and research at the same time.

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5.  Screen-time becomes learning time

Technology has long been accused of making children go farther from reality. But Orboot is an example of how things can be done differently.

When using Orboot, your mobile phone or tablet becomes a magical glass that you’re looking at the world through. This creates an ideal setting for kids to learn. All you need to do is scan, explore and learn about any region on the globe. The goal is to make children stronger, better and smarter without losing touch with the real world.

We’ve made the Orboot globe with no political boundaries, but beautiful icons to remember the regions by. They can learn about the maps of different countries through the app. An alternate and fun way to study the globe – not just by country names, capitals and borders but also by its natural and cultural heritage.

Orbooters also get a fun travel kit with the physical globe that includes an Orboot passport, country flags and a travel stamp. 

This tech toy is a dynamic and versatile tool that is being loved by parents all around the world for educational playtime at home, and by educators for making their classrooms and homeschools interactive and fun.

So, what do you think? Shouldn’t your child have this wonderful friend?

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