They Love It…

Parents and kids agree with us when we say, “we make learning fun!” Take a look yourself.

What is Augmented Reality, you ask?

“It’s the interactive world that you can hold in your palm!”


With Shifu’s early learning game sets based on Augmented Reality, we merged fun & learning for kids.

Read on to know what parents have to say about us!



“Shifu AR flashcards can be used to let kids explore the world through their senses and visual experiments both. PlayShifu is all about a unique blend of media world with the real experimental world for kids.”

– Beautifully expressed by Pranita, mother to a little boy named Merog. She is a Software Engineer by profession and a Fashion Designer by passion. Check out her blog – merogandmom!



“PlayShifu is one such game, that equips your child with all the skills that you would want to imbibe early in your child.”

– Ekta, mother to a beautiful baby girl, is a Social Media Specialist and blogs at ConfusedParent.



“Shifu Space is ‘edutainment’ in the real sense of the word. I think this is a must-have for all kids and a super awesome gift idea as well.”

– Lata is a mother to three kids. When she is not busy with work or blogging, she loves to play and spend time with her children – fabulousmomlife.



“In an era of technology this is a blessing in disguise as it works perfectly to create an interactive game for toddler, just the way they love to learn in a practical and real environment.”

– Written by Karuna, mom to a cute li’l toddler. She along with her family loves to travel as well as pen down her stories as a mother at nameplaceanimalthing.



“It’s a very innovative and great way of making kids learn about new things. On top of that, this is a very good way of letting your child have guided screen time which is much better than watching cartoons on television and playing video games.”

– Written by Rakhi, mother to a four-year-old daughter, Ira. She is a full-time communications professional and loves to blog at lifethrumyeyes.



“The 2D to 3D conversion with the app is flawless and takes place within seconds, making sure your child does not get frustrated with the response time. And right from the first flash card till the last one, the app sync was smooth.”

– Pragati is a mother to a 5-year-old. She is a Software Engineer and blogs about child development & learning through play – kidsfocuslab.


We know you can’t resist buying one, so head over to –! You can also buy Shifu toys and games on Amazon.

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