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Help your child with separation anxiety on the first day of school

Has the time finally come to send your little one off to their first day of school? Experiencing a flood of emotions and unsure of what to do? The first day of kindergarten is a big deal not only for your child but for you too, especially if you are a first-time parent. There is going to be a sudden change in your child’s routine and having to navigate new landscapes and seeing strange new faces can be a bit overwhelming for them.

However, the good news is that the little fingers that you are nervous about letting go will soon be waving you goodbye as they happily make their way to their classrooms and a few friends. Till then, here are some tips that can help your child transition into this new phase of life.

Talk to your child

Have a conversation with your child and explain to them what starting school means. Speak positively about the activities and experiences that your child will go through during their time in school. This will get your child excited and they will look forward to their first day at school, making the transition easier.

Visit the school

Even if your kid is enthusiastic about kindergarten, taking them to visit the school before their first day is a good idea. It will help them understand what the school looks like and what to expect on their first day. Take your little one on a stroll through the school peeping into the classrooms along the way. Introduce them to their teacher so they will know one familiar face during their first day.

Make the big day special

It is perfectly normal for both parents and children to feel nervous about their first day at school. It is important to express these emotions and have a conversation around them to help deal with them better. Comfort your child and reassure them that they will be in a safe space and you will always be available if they needed you. How about some fancy lunch with a note?

Bring a friend from home

Letting your child take their favourite stuffed toy on their first day of school is another way to ensure that they are comfortable on this big day. It shouldn’t be the favorite one, though, because there’s no guarantee it will come home in one piece. Other favorite choices include a family picture, a special doll or a favorite blanket.

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