Kickstart your kid’s grammar sessions with vocabulary-building games

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Kickstart your kid’s grammar sessions with vocabulary-building games

29 May 20
7 min read
29 May 20
7 min read

Teaching little ones how to read and spell can be challenging, especially if they’re still being introduced to phonetics and letters. Similar-sounding words, similar-looking letters are often confusing to children.

One way to help kids learn better is to incorporate tactile play in their learning and make screen time more productive.  And that’s exactly why we created Plugo Letters – a phygital alphabet kit that teaches letters through stories and games.

1. Tactile play

MCU Research shows that sensory play can greatly help with language development, social skills, and overall cognitive growth. Plugo Letters combines a tactile toy with digital gameplay to effectively teach spellings, vocabulary, and grammar.

Place physical letter blocks on the trunk to spell a word. Everything you place on the trunk is mirrored on the screen. Exciting, right?

GIF of spelling fish with Plugo Letters

2. Learning through stories

Kids love stories! When new words are introduced through stories, children tend to understand better, retain it for longer, and more importantly, learning becomes fun. Plugo Letters has 5 story-based games that are interactive and engaging with 250+ challenges and puzzles!

Plugo Letters game icons

3. Beyond vocabulary

Plugo Letters goes beyond vocabulary and helps children develop grammar concepts like verbs, vowels, synonyms, and more. Everything is taught through exciting puzzles and challenges, all of which are age adaptive for PreK to Grade 5.

With grade-customized games – each with a different level of difficulty – the games take learning one step further.

4. Games for comprehension

An important aspect of grammar lessons is comprehension. Plugo games follow a gripping narration, and this sharpens children’s comprehension skills as well as imagination. As opposed to learning from a whiteboard, the kids are learning from delightful characters, such as fish and cavemen.

Boy spelling the word giraffe

With regular classes suspended, new homeschoolers around the world are turning to toys, such as Plugo Letters, to educate and engage children. And as for the kids, screen time has doubled as study time!

Catch homeschooler mom, Robin talking about Plugo Letters!

Click to view the video

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