Bring Home The Jungle: Shifu Safari

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Bring Home The Jungle: Shifu Safari

6 Oct 16
7 min read
6 Oct 16
7 min read

shifu safari by playshifu

Shifu brings the world of Augmented Reality right into your hands. It merges two great play traditions – physical and digital.

When the physical flash cards are scanned with the Shifu app—a live 3-dimensional animal comes on the screen. The kids can interact with this animal and learn about them.


The focus is on building:

  • Real World Knowledge – animals in their natural habitat, sounds they make, food they eat
  • Cognitive Skills – attention span, memory, visualization, perception of the world around
  • Motor Skills – fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination
  • Linguistics – spellings and pronunciations
  • Creativity & Imagination


You can purchase any of these boxes from our website or

Meanwhile, take a look at how kids from around the world are enjoying Shifu Safari!

Recommended for kids: Ages 2+

Works with devices:

  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Kindle 8 and above
  • Android devices with 3 GB+ RAM

Shifu App: download for FREE from Google Play Store or Apple App store

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your child with this unique gift today!

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