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7 reasons why educators love this smart globe #AskTeachers

Ever since it was launched, Orboot has been winning hearts. From parents to teachers and children, nobody could resist the Orboot fever.

The amount of love Shifu Orboot has received so far has been overwhelming.


While parents loved how it made screen-time more educational and meaningful for kids, teachers praised Shifu Orboot for changing the way children learned in classrooms.

Don’t believe us?  Here’s all the proof you need—


1. Orboot challenges children to think analytically and creatively.

It gets young minds interested in STEM/STEAM topics, by introducing them to engineering feats and inventions, helps them in explore in-depth.

2.  The best feature about Orboot? It has no political boundaries.

The continents on the Orboot globe are not split into countries (children can learn about different countries through the app). This unique feature promotes inclusiveness and open-mindedness in Orbooters, making them global citizens.

Elementary school librarian and tech enthusiast, Amy Kincaid was left amazed after Orboot was introduced to 5th-grade students.

Turns out, students had a ball exploring the world using the smart globe.

3.  Orboot triggers active learning in students.

The AR-globe comes with a bunch of continually-upgraded quizzes, games, puzzles, and challenges. Designed to help kids learn better, they wouldn’t even realize that they are learning while playing with Orboot. Orboot enhances visualization and engagement in all these aspects like no other toy. Moreover, the knowledge that students gain through active learning will have a lasting impact than traditional passive modes.

Debra Jacoby, a champion for digital learning integration in classrooms, was impressed with what Orboot had to offer.

4.  Your AR encyclopedia

Gone are the days when books were the only medium of learning. Instead of flipping through an endless number of pages to gather information, why not use Orboot to do it all?

Be it Toco Toucan of South America or the Great Wall of China, explore and learn about the world with the smart globe of tomorrow.

Check out what Eric Rush, recipient of the Alternate 2018 Alaska Teacher of the Year award, had to say.

5.  Orboot takes story-telling to the next level.

Each highlight on the globe has an interesting story to tell. The stories are exciting and vibrant. Weaved with basic educational information, facts and figures from around the world, students will be more interested in learning than ever before.

Technology Integration specialist at Norwood Fontbonne Academy, Lindsey Sachs was as excited as her students when Orboot was revealed to students.

6.  A treasure chest of knowledge at your fingertips.

With over 1000+ cool facts, 400+ highlights, Orboot uses Augmented Reality to make highlighted features come alive on any mobile or tablet screen. There’s no other globe that does this. You can learn about it all across 7 categories which are monuments, cuisines, inventions, maps, inventions, culture and wildlife.

How cool is that?

Proud Teacher of the Year in 2014-2015 @ Uplift Summit, Mrs Wamrs Pulis had a heartwarming post to share about Orboot.

7.  Interactive learning and gaming.

During the early learning years, a child’s mind is incredibly flexible and absorbs information at a quick pace. Orboot brings together entertainment and education for early-learners, making learning interactive, fun and immersive for children at all times.


Let’s help the little ones get a glimpse of the beautiful world they live in!


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