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5 reasons why these AR wooden toys enhance hands-on learning

Wooden toys are a delightful collectable in a kid’s toy closet. But what happens when technology is combined with wooden toys?
Read on.

Wooden toys feel special. They continue to be a steady favourite among children and parents.

Imagine…what happens when the beauty and tangibility of wooden toys are combined with cutting-edge technology?

Magic happens!

Shifu Minglings—a new range of wooden figurine toys is built on the interactive technology of Augmented Reality (AR).



Shifu Minglings wooden toys come in two variants Monsters and Animals. It comes packed with many features that make magic happen for kids aged 3+.

Here’s how:


1.  Wooden Toys brought to Life

What gives Shifu Minglings an edge over other figurine toys is that they can be brought to life!

Minglings offers tactile play, and with AR, Minglings creates a magical, immersive and engaging playtime experience for kids. Mix and match, or play with it unchanged, you can do a lot with Minglings.

The wooden toys ‘come to life’ with the AR-powered Shifu Minglings app. Kids can name their animal and monster friends, feed them, dress them and solve analytical riddles without ever getting bored.



What’s even more interesting is how these toys have been designed. Using non-hazardous paints and child-safe embeddable magnets, the wooden toys are safe to use by kids as young as 3-years-old.


2. Shaping Creative Thought

Even with STEM jobs, what will be irreplaceable by machines and immensely important are skills like creative thinking. These can be learnt early on with the help of smart toys and games like Shifu Minglings.

Not only fine motor skills but cognitive abilities are moulded early on with Minglings toys.



3. Fun and Imaginative

A child’s mind between the age group of 2-6 is like a sponge. It absorbs information quicker than any other age group.

Minglings is built to boost a kid’s vibrant imagination, independent thought, and observation skills through its amusing challenges and super-fun games.

Safe to say that it will never be a dull day for kids with Mingling buddies.


4. Dynamic Learning

Many parents and teachers are now ‘gamifying’ a child’s environment. It has been observed that this “gamification”  helps kids learn better, faster and retain information for a longer time.

This has been made possible with AR technology and engaging gameplay in Minglings. You will be glad to see how quickly a child learns logical reasoning, memory retention and more aptitude-based skills in a jiffy!



5. Hands-on Play

Both Minglings Monsters and Animals come with 5 toys each. Kids can mix-match to create many more. And the AR app brings them all to life. Loaded with interactive puzzles and games, they get to make new buddies, name them, feed them and crack challenges while at it.



Combining entertainment with education, Minglings are literally THE toys that become toons.

Try it out for yourself.








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